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Tu-22Le You-22M is always the supersonic strategic bomber more used in Russia. The apparatus was built with nearly 500 specimens by Tupolev, in Kazan in Tatarstan, of 1964 to 1993. Called "Backfire" (light-back) by NATO when its existence in September 1969 was discovered, You-22M remained a long time the black animal of the American strategists, his speed and its range operating allowing him to reach all the targets of NATO in Europe like on the Atlantic approaches.

Engaged in Afghanistan
Launched in 1967, under the designation of prototype 45-01, You-22M hardly has common points with its predecessor, You-22 To armour, if not his designation (selected to maintain confusion among Westerners). The first You-22M stole on August 30, 1969. Nuclear missile and of terrestrial and naval attack, capable of Mach 1,8 with a load of bombs of 24 T, You-22M of departure was gradually improved to give rise to You-22M2 who launched truly the series. A total of 220 You-22M2 was produced. The version m2 succeeded, since 1982, You-22M3, with the wing modified to swivel to a maximum arrow of 65° and conceived to be able to take off with the mass of 125 T Pourvu with different air intake, Mig-25 way, and with some aerodynamic refinements, You-22M3 is equipped with a multimode radar.
Tu-22Durant the war in Afghanistan, of You-22M2 and m3, operating starting from Turkménistan, were regularly used for raids of conventional bombardment at long distance. In 1999, Russia still had of them some 260 specimens reduced to approximately 150 in 2002, while the Ukrainian government in inherited a score. Some were modified in You-22MR of electronic recognition, while a part of You-22M2 was transformed into You-22M5 by the assembly of a new radar and integration of new air-to-ground missiles. You-22 remains the true war-horse of the aviation of Russian bombardment current bus, for lack of appropriations, its successor - who would like equal of B-2 American- never was born.

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