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Developed by the Soviets on the model of Fairchild 1 0 Have, the twin-jet aircraft Known-25 Frogfoot (Percheron) is a "rustic" plane of attack, adapted to the very summary tracks. Heavily armed with guns and air-to-surface missiles, equipped with a cockpit armoured (out of titanium) in more of protections of sharp parts, Known-25 received its baptism of fire in Afghanistan in armies 80.
Sukhoi Sa extreme reputation of solidity was shown there by the return of planes to the spotted fuselage of large impacts, with pieces of torn off plans and on only one engine... At 60.000 exits in eight years of war in Afghanistan, 23 only Known-25 were lost. Known-25 of Azerbaïdjan were also engaged in Haut-Karabakh and others, by the Russians, in Abkhazie and Chetchnia.

Very exported
Known-25 was produced with more than 1.200 specimens in Tbilissi (Georgia) and Oulan-Oudé (Bouriatie), of 1978 with 1992.11a largely exported, in Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, North Korea, Angola, Iraq and Afghanistan. And several tens remained in Georgia, Azerbaïdjan, Ukrainie, Kazakhstan, Bielorussia and Slovakia. Known-25 occasion were even sold in Peru to fight against the guerrilla, like two Known-25 and two Known-25 T for Ethiopia.

Eight versions
One counts six versions of Known-25, in more of the single-seater exported under designation Known-25K and of a modernized version (with radar and improved functions) proposed to the operators of Known-25 under designation Known-25SM. They include: the two-seat trainer Known-25UB (Su25UBK), two-seaters Known-25UT (alias Known-28) and Known-25UTG built with ten specimens for the drive with the landing, the tractor of targets Known-25BM (50 units) and Known-25T/TM (alias Known-39).

Sukhoi Capacity any time
Fabriqué in Oulan-Oudé starting from the Known-25UB two-seater, Known-39 is a modernized version of attack all-time. The plane uses the same multi-fuel engines Gavrilov R-195Sh of 45,8 kN thorough produced by Soyuz. It has of a radar Kopyo 25 (in pod ventral), of a avionics modernized (with power station of inertial navigation) and a gun bitube NNPU-8M of 30 mm. It can draw the most recent Russian air-to-ground armaments of which weapons with laser guidance and even of the air-to-air missiles. The version modernized by Elbit with the assistance of the TAM géorgienne includes compatible equipment NATO with power station GPS and sight VTH of F-16 ACE. This Known-25 km Scorpion is able deviser all the conventional panoply of Frogfoot, more of the guided bombs Lizard, projectiles with infra-red kit Opter and missiles air-to-air Python-4.

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