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Mirage III Exported in great quantities and used in many conflicts, Dassault MIRAGE III is without question one of the florets of the French aircraft industry as regards fighters. In 1982, a new version of this aircraft, Mirage 3NG (New Generation), took the air for the first time, extending a little more the capacities of the French plane.

General-purpose plane:

Mirage III The success of MIRAGE III comes above all from the remarkable flexibility in use of which the plane knew to make proof. Conceived at the beginning as an interceptor, this plane was affirmed quickly as a general-purpose machine able to carry out recognition or ground attack missions. The development of the system of weapon was undertaken thanks to the ten MIRAGE IIIA ordered by the authorities governmental and built between 1958 and 1959. Only one of these apparatuses had flown when, in August 1958, the Air Force placed its first orders of series, affirming its faith in qualities of this machine. With MIRAGE III, Dassault intended to produce a plane of a great simplicity of maintenance and a high operational availability. The best proof of the success of the French manufacturer in these two fields is the intensive use than made the Israelis of the apparatuses of this type in service in their air force during the Six Day old war. During the hard days of June 1967, MIRAGE IIICJ of Heyl Ha' Avir did not achieve less than twelve exits per day, the time of approvisionnemt while carburizing and in ammunition between two missions being brought back from twenty to seven minutes. The rate/rhythm adopted by the Israeli air force during this conflict was so high that Jordan, Egypt and Syria were convinced that the State Hebrew had been addressé in the United States and the United Kingdom to rent additional apparatuses there.

Of entirely metal construction, MIRAGE III has a fuselage which answers the law of the surfaces and comprises seven different subsets. Equipped with an ejector seat Martin-Baker, the cockpit of this apparatus is compact but has of instruments and orders arranged in a logical way. All these elements are miniaturized, except for those which are reproduced on and the screen dashboard of the radar. This formula now exceeded was then a revolutionist, the plane being also equipped with a very sophisticated automatic system of navigation. The equipment Doppler Marconi, located in a careenage under fuselage, makes it possible to supply with various information a calculator now obsolete.

Mirage III Rather than a section of too fine wing, which would have made necessary of the new processes of construction, Dassault preferred to adopt a profile of 5% relative thickness, thanks to which it could employ standard techniques of realization of the aerofoils. This moderate smoothness of the profile, joined to an average cord of rather large aerofoil, offers a lower volume of wing making it possible to place with insane legs of the principal train and a considerable quantity of fuel. The wings of MIRAGE III comprise torsion boxes covered with working wall boards including/understanding structural stiffeners. Ordered by a hydraulic system, the elevons are equipped with a device of restitution of the efforts on the handle with brush. The retractable three-wheeled train is equipped with disc brakes, the deceleration of the plane on the ground which can be ensured by a brake chute. MIRAGE III could operate since grounds summarily arranged in the event of need. Simplicity and reliability are the two terms that Snecma employment to account for qualities of the engine Atar 09C of 6200 kgp with reheating which equips last MIRAGE III with series. Derived from a German engine of the end of the Second World war, Atar does not present all the improvements of the current engines. The performances at high altitude can be increased thanks to a rocket engine SEPR.844 of 1500 kgp, which can be replaced in less than twenty minutes by an additional tank carrying the maximum capacity while carburizing to 3320 L For the missions at long distance, MIRAGE III can carry under aerofoils two auxiliary tanks of 600, 1300 or 1700 L.

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