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Conceived at the end of 1960 to equip the Royal Air Force with a plane of modern drive single intended to replace three types of different apparatuses, first Hawk made its initial flight on August 21, 1971. The plane appeared if succeeded, that the RAF ordered 176 specimens of this jet light and general-purpose.
Hawk 100-200 the precursor Hawk T.1 gave then birth, at the beginning of the years 1980, versions export, remotorized, Hawk Mk.50 and Mk.60 and, more recently with the modernized versions Hawk 100 and 200.
Thus appeared successively the two-seat trainer advanced and attack on the ground Hawk 100 which flew for the first time on October 21, 1987, then the single-seat attack aircraft Hawk 200 which made its premiervol on May 19, 1986.
These light apparatuses, weighing 4,4 T àvide and 9,1 T on takeoff, are propelled by an engine Rolls-Royce /Turbomeca Adour Mk871 of 2,7 T thorough which enable them to reach a slightly supersonic speed of Mach 1,2 with 5.000m of altitude. They can, moreover, being equipped with a pole of in-flight refueling in order to increase their autonomy beyond 1.000km.
In its current version, Hawk 100 is equipped with a sight high head and screens multifunction in places before and back. The basic equipment of Hawk includes/understands a power station gyrolaser FLAXES 300. For the missions of attack, it can be equipped with a laser rangefinder assembled in the nose and with a sight with infra-red imagery. The plane can carry air-to-air missiles Sidewinder and air-to-ground Maverick AGM-65.

Manufacture under licence
Hawk 100-200 Equipped with the same avionics and a radar Westinghouse APG-66, Hawk 200 is a kind of mini fighter which can also receive infra-red equipment (FLIR) to carry out exits of night. Equipped with seven points of carrying of armaments, it can in particular be armed with air-to-air long-range missiles Skyflash and anti-ship Sea Eagle.
All poured confused, approximately 800 Hawk were ordered by a score of country, by including the initial versions, Hawk Mk.50 and Mk.60, bought by Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Indonesia, Finland, Kenya, Switzerland, Oman, and Zimbabwe. To that the 270 are added T-45 Goshawk, americanized version produced under licence in the United States by Boeing for WERE Navy. New Hawk are used by Abou Dhabi (18 Hawk 100), Indonesia (8 and 16 Hawk 100 and 200), Oman (4 and 12 Hawk 100 and 200), Malaysia (10 and 18 Hawk 100 and 200) and especially Saudi Arabia (60 Hawk 200). In April 1997, Canada also ordered 25 Hawk 100 for the flying school of NATO. India confirmed in December 2000 an order of 66 Hawk 100 (which were finally signed only in March 2004), and, at the summer 2002, Bahraïn selected the two-seater version motorized by the last version of Adour, Mk.951, for the training advanced of its pilots and decided to order 12 planes. Lastly, in 2004, the United Kingdom ordered 44 Hawk 128 within the framework of a future programme of training and training of its pilots indicated MFTS (Military Flying Training System).

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